Air Freight


As the market leader in air transport, JMS Logistics excels in providing transport tailored to market demand. We are able to provide …

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Ocean Freight


Ocean Freight plays perhaps the most vital role in most transportation and supply chain. JMS Logistics has …

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Along with the progress of time, coupled with transportation improvements, of course, it stimulates the growth …

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As a company that emphasizes quality, we provide facilities and infrastructure supporting the operations of one of …

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As a local company that has a commitment to its customers to provide a safe and timely service, JMS Logistics is very serious to execute delivery of goods. The company did not sort or classify between the potential client with other customers, all services done by accordance with the standard, which sets it apart is the service conditions when the instruction received by our staff. JMS Logistics have wide operation service whose able to provide opportunities to the customers to increase their market share in the rest of the city including helps the contractor who build the growth new infrastructure in the area.

Whether you require distribution or fulfillment, defined Logistics Transport, or a complete supply chain solution, JMS Logistics able to provide you with a customized solution tailored to your needs.

Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Land Transportation
Tracking Services

Secure Packaging

JMS Logistics provides secure goods delivery that covered by various types of packaging’s materials among others; Wood Crates, Carton Boxes, and other packaging’s material.

All of our packaging using good quality of wood, it’s to eliminate worries about damage or lost during delivery process. Packaging’s sistem that we made have good impact  for goods. We are accustomed to make good packaging with national standard, especially for electronics in order are not easily broken and missing.

The packaging is not our core business, the cost of crate packing’s work is an additional cost of delivery’s prices. We can design and made of wooden packaging tailored with the dimention of goods, includes heavy machine cargo

Operational Service

JMS Logistics has a menu of supply chain solutions can optimize your product promotion effectiveness, reduce packaging costs and the cost of distribution to points of interest. Completeness of the service network and our staff will provide easy access to customers to get information from each delivery; starting from the starting point to the final destination point.

The scope of our work are; Acceptance – Storage – Sorting – Packing – Marking – Measurement – Weighing – Handling the settlement document – Issuance of transport documents – Perhitungan transportation costs – Klaim insurance on shipments of goods as well as the settlement of claims and other costs with respect to the delivery of these items until receipt of goods by those who deserve it.

JMS Logistics can carry out shipment Partial (retail) or in certain quantities and delivery project with a large quantity tailored to meet delivery requirements, especially the safety element (safety) and safety delivery of your goods.

Outside Impact affected the Goods Delivery

JMS Logistics is taking optimization to a whole new level. It has evolved into a comprehensive, fully integrated program designed to maximize productivity and Minimizing the time wasted in shipping, and above all, reduce your cost to meet safe standard of delivery. If one things will affect the acceleration system in the delivery of your goods, then at that moment we close them tightly as the tap water in your home.

Nothing exposes the weak links in your supply chain and once happen those weaknesses are identified, we’ll work to eliminate them through our extensive program that includes the following key components:

  • Solutions Engineering
  • High-Performance Material
  • Tracking Supply Chain Progress
  • Deployed Resources
  • Logistics
  • Financial Reporting
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