What We Do

What We Do

Our Service At A Glance

We are very pleased to serve any clients from various industries began in the low level up to high level on different organization, and in any capacity. Thus we can know directly of any customer’s desire of the services we provide as well as the obstacles that occur. We more thinking to create a good innovation and affordable service cost to customers rather than receiving wages for bad work that expressing dissatisfaction.

For us communicate is important, if any complaints due to transportation cost affected by changes in Govt policy or any discomfort of our service, we will overcome as soon as possible without having to wait a long time, therefore, we opened the Call Center which connected for 24 hours.

We never be bored of the high routine, all our skilled staff is always smiling when getting the challenges from you; it means customer’s trust in our shoulder and should be done it well.

So don’t worry, all tasks done based on Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) that provides comfort and secure for your goods

Air Freight Service

JMS Logistics partner and became Cargo Agents Airlines Garuda Indonesia so we can provide the maximum capacity of the volume according to customer requirements. Readmore

Ocean Freight Service

Logistics JMS partnered with renowned shipping company that has good service and committed.. Readmore

Tracking Online

We provide ease access through Online Tracking, so you can find out the delivery status with regard updating of the data of each delivery process so that the position of goods can be known. Tracking

Trucking Service

Along with the progress of time, coupled with transportation improvements, of course, it stimulates the growth of the business world in the field. Readmore


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