Ease of Delivery’s Access through Land-transportation

Currently a lot of popping cargo delivery service with various facilities on offer, but it is sometimes difficult to choose a cargo service with a good reputation, secure and qualified. JMS Logistics understands the complaints and desires of customers when they use another service company.  Therefore, we improve the quality of service, maintain customer trust, and ensure the safe delivery covered by the insurance.

Along with improvements of Land-transportation’s infrastructure, of course, it stimulates the growth of the business world, especially Company fleets delivery service. When you imagine through a very expensive calculation for shipping by air or a long period of time for shipment by sea, then the choice will be confirmed on delivery through land access that more cheaper. Our company’s fleets can be serve delivery by landline to Sumatra, Java and Bali.

JMS Logistics provides flexibility to customers by providing services Door to Door. Fleet used is Miniboks (GranMax), CDE (2.5Tons), CDD (4.5Tons), Fuso (7.5tons), Thornton (14Tons) and Wingboks (12Tons).

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